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board : Please Pray for our Website : National Prayer Day
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National Prayer Day

Elnora M. Johnson
Posted: 07 May 2009 - 07:50 PM
Father God, most gracious and Holy King I adore you. Thank you for this day and all that have taken place in it. Your people hunger and thirst for you as the deer pants for water. Give us your living water. You said that if we ask for and receive this water we would never thirst again.

You are Jehovah God and Lord of all and there is none like you. Your faithfulness exceeds what we ask or think yet we are not faithful to you.

Forgive us and keep us in your care. I declare and decree that every need will be met, every request will be answered, for every thing we need you are. All we need is you! May my sisters and brothers in this world find your everlasting love.

In you we move and have our being. Without you we are void and empty. Bread of Heaven take this cup and feed us until we want no more. Make us fit for your use in Jesus' name I pray.

board : Please Pray for our Website : National Prayer Day

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